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We love getting feedback from our customers and we can now share customer feedback through Reevoo, an independent review company (like Tripadvisor). So if you'd like to hear what people like you say about Aerosure click through to Reevoo.

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Graham's Story
Graham has COPD from years of exposure to asbestos and has problems clearing mucus. Graham uses his Aerosure mainly in Oscillatory PEP mode - and is now able to get back to going for long walks.

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Christine's Story
Christine's had COPD for 15 years and has problems with breathlessness. Christine uses Aerosure mainly in the "Breather Easier" or IMT mode and is now able to have a long conversation without becoming breathless and finds she can more easily walk to her GP surgery.

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Lionel's Story
Lionel has COPD from years of exposure to diesel fumes while working as a London bus driver and can become breathless. Lionel uses Aerosure mainly in "Breathe Easier" or IMT mode and now doesn't wheeze at night (so his wife is pleased too!) and has the energy to play with his grandchildren.

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The Aerosure has considerably helped with my breathing. I have COPD and with correct use my life has become more manageable."Reevoo Logo

George, Coatbridge   Reevoo Logo

Fantastic product. It's improved my lung capacity and even my nurse has remarked my breathing has improved since using Aerosure."Reevoo Logo

Raymond, Dorset   Reevoo Logo

This is a good product. It's easy-to-use, helps relieve symptoms of COPD and above all it's good value for money."Reevoo Logo

Jacqueline, London   Reevoo Logo