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Huffing and puffing?
Feeling out of breath when doing everyday things?

Breathe Easier with AEROSURE - Canada's only Dual-Function Respiratory Device

Don't suffer any longer!

Aerosure Medic works by spinning a valve inside the device at high speed to rapidly open and close the flow of air into and out of your lungs. As you breathe through the Aerosure mouthpiece this oscillating valve creates a resistance, vibrating the chest wall to work the lungs harder and improve respiratory fitness.

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What is Aerosure?

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For many, struggling to climb stairs without becoming short of breath and avoiding everyday activities like playing with the grandkids - these things have become a familiar story. Some people chalk it up to 'being out of shape,' but for others it is the result of living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD is an umbrella term for a collection of lung conditions; these conditions cause breathing difficulties, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema, that block airflow into and out of the lungs, making it hard to breathe.

How Aerosure works

Clinically tested and easy to use, Aerosure Medic improves the feeling of lung function to reduce shortness of breath by increasing breathing muscle strength and fitness. It also applies targeted vibration to the airways to help clear mucus.
Now all Canadians have the opportunity to Breathe Easier with the new Aerosure Medic.

Clinically-Tested Technology

Only Aerosure Medic’s patented Dual-Action technology combines the benefits of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT)† and Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP)†. These technologies have been used by respiratory physicians to help people suffering certain symptoms caused by COPD, Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis.

Drug-free relief for shortness of breath
and mucus clearance


of people who had COPD saw a positive benefit

How does Aerosure work?

Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, Aerosure Medic is a portable ‘take-anywhere’ device.
Two modes are available, empowering you to take back control of your breathing in a natural, drug-free way.

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1 Switch Aerosure on
and select mode

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2 Breathe through the mouthpiece deeply

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3 Clean after use

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4 Charge as needed

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Designed to vibrate the airways, this in turn loosens mucus. By loosening the mucus you will have a more productive cough, thereby clearing your airways.

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This technique is designed to directly improve the functioning of respiratory muscles which are responsive to training. IMT can benefit people with COPD and other conditions involving inspiratory muscle weakness.

IMT has demonstrated a number of benefits in a range of studies both in healthy people and people with medical conditions. These include reduced shortness of breath, being able to breathe easier, improved feeling of lung function and an improved quality of life.

Unique features of Aerosure

Enjoy an improved feeling of lung function with reduced shortness of breath and clearer airways with Aerosure

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Aerosure is the only respiratory device that has two functions, designed to help relieve shortness of breath and clear mucus using both IMT (Inspiratory Muscle Training) & OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure)

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Aerosure Medic is a drug-free Class I Medical Device.

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Built-in rechargeable batteries gives you a full week of use. Sits on a cradle for recharging.

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Easier to clean thanks to the removable head.
For hygiene, replace the head every 6 months.

Life-changing stories

Graham's Story

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I have suffered with COPD, caused by Asbestos, for more years than I care to remember. My wife purchased my Aerosure Medic and within 3 weeks I found it removed vast quantities of phlegm without a struggle and eased my discomfort amazingly.
Graham, Aerosure User

Christine's Story

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I suffer with COPD; when I first saw the ad for Aerosure I was very unsure... however in the end I decided to take a chance and purchase it. I bless the day I did, the Aerosure has made such a huge change in my mobility, I can walk easier and further when on the flat. It is a godsend to me and I would recommend it to anyone suffering with shortness of breath.
Christine, Aerosure User

One of the best things I have bought in a long time, it does as it says, I’d recommend it to anyone with breathing problems.
Mrs M J Rossiter

I have a better quality of life and I’m able to do everyday chores with ease. It is absolutely great.
Ellen Illand

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