How Aerosure Medic
can help with Mucus Relief

Aerosure Medic is a new hand-held device designed to improve breathing performance.

Aerosure has 2 settings which can be selected depending on the treatment you require. When using the slower “Mucus Relief” mode, Aerosure transmits vibrations via the spinning valve to the chest wall to help dislodge mucus from the airways and lungs. The setting is comparable to the natural motion of cilia (cilia are small hair-like structures found in your lungs and airways that move in a sweeping motion to help clear mucus and foreign particles).

See how Aerosure Medic helps Graham
to manage mucus clearance

Graham has COPD from prolonged exposure to asbestos, when working in the British navy and now he has problems clearing mucus. Graham uses Aerosure mainly in "Mucus Relief" mode and is now able to get back to do what he loves and go for long walks.

Everyday, customers like Graham tell us how Aerosure has helped with their breathing, mobility and overall quality of life - see below to read some of their experiences.

What people say about Aerosure Medic

As I have COPD I suffer with lots of chest infections, it is so good for breaking up the inflammation when I do get an infection, even though I have my own nebuliser I find it cannot always clear my throat and chest but when I use the combination of both or just the Aerosure Medic it helps me no end.

Morris, WarringtonReevoo Logo

Having been diagnosed with bronchiecstasis and COPD I find Aerosure Medic very useful, especially in the morning when I need to clear my chest of overnight phlegm. I also use it in the day when my chest hurts.”

Anne, DerbyReevoo Logo

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